Elise Carter, Vero Beach Fla. USA
Rene Meshake, Catfish Studios, Guelph, ON, Canada
Jessica Masters, Wyndham Arts, Guelph, ON, Canada (pastels)
Janice Mason Steeves, Rockwood, ON, Canada (oil & cold wax)
Faye Wilkinson, Haliburton, ON, Canada (assemblage art)
Brian Johnston, Eye to Eye Imaging & Studio 404, Guelph, ON, Canada (pushing colour)

Southampton Art School
, Southampton, ON Canada (summer workshops)
Wyndham Arts, School of Art, Guelph, ON,Canada
Haliburton School of Art, Haliburton, ON,Canada (currently in the Expressive Arts Program )

The Art Spirit
by Robert Henri
The Shape of Content by Ben Shahn
A Painter of Our Time by John Berger
Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky
Tending the Fire by Ellen Levine
Art as Medicine by Shaun McNiff
Trauma, Tragedy Therapy by Stephen K. Levine
Art & Intimacy by Ellen Dissanayake
Art & Fear by David Bayles & Ted Orland
Letters on Cezanne by Rainer Maria Rilke
Art Lessons by Deborah J. Haynes
The Artist's Reality Reality by Mark Rothko
No More Secondhand Art by Peter London
Bento’s Sketchbook by John Berger
The Art Instinct by Denis Dutton
The Artist’s Mother by Judith Thurman

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Cuba
Tate Modern, London, England
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton
Museo Picasso, Malaga, Spain
Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Montreal
Contemporary Art Museum, Montreal

Joan Miro


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